What Are Ivy League Colleges

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Ivy League School

If you are hearing the term Ivy League School, then most probably you are hearing a student aiming to enter one, or a fan of some athletic sports club from these Ivy league schools.

You see the term Ivy League school connotes a term of excellence in academics, and then also a history of athletic dominance that few other schools in the US can really match.

So what are these Ivy League schools that elicit so much interest from the people living in the United States?

The Ivies (or Ivy League Schools) are a group of 8 academic institutions which present some of the oldest schools and educational institutions in the US.

These old schools are the best in terms of academe, and in the last century, have created some of the most powerful and most influential people in US history.

The list will be too long to mention here, but certainly these schools have helped shaped the course of US history within their walls by educating the people who will eventually be part of the history books. The 8 schools involved in the Ivy League are the following:

Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

The names are all well known all over the world as top academic institutions, but it does not simply end in academics.

Athletics, and even Research and Development are all part of the tradition that these top schools maintain over the long period time they have been up.

Whichever school you choose among these 8, there will never be regrets because the results will be seen once you graduate from these walls.

An Ivy League school represents honor and tradition. So therefore, to become a member will require stringent tests and admission protocols.

Every year, around 50 to 100 thousand students apply in these schools, and out of these, maybe around 10 to 15 are accepted, the rest denied admission. This shows just how hard it is to get in there. It is also said the tuition costs can be quite draining if you enter one of the Ivies, which is actually true.

But thanks to a lot of scholarships, grants and many other ways, students are able to maintain their studies. Billions of dollars pass through these Universities in grants because the US Government and companies know that this is a worthy investment.

So if you are financially hard up, you can always try to avail of these grants and scholarships to help you maintain your status in the Ivy League School you are in.

You will hear a lot of stories, traditions, and history of these schools, but one thing they all have in common is the undeniable fact that the Ivy League Schools are still on the top of the Academic circle.

Their names evoke a sense of elitism and pride that you are a part of the Ivies.

It is never a bad idea to try and apply for these colleges because in the end, it is you who will benefit from them too.

What are Ivy League Schools

Every American teen would want to enter a prestigious College or University when they end their High School life.

And in this process, once the end of their high school days are fast approaching, they start considering the colleges they apply for.

One common denominator among these students is that they have, in one way or another, thought about the Ivies, or the Ivy League Schools. To get in any one of these Ivy League Schools is a dream, where if it came true, would be the focal point of their path in life.

So what are the Ivy League schools? These are actually a group of eight Colleges and Universities across the US that have proven their excellence in the academics, and even in athletics.

They are at the pride and peak of the US college education system, and they will continue to be so for the next couple of decades or centuries even. The eight schools involved in this system are the following:

1.Brown University

2.Harvard University

3.University of Pennsylvania

4.Yale University

5.Columbia University

6.Princeton University

7.Dartmouth College

8. Cornell University

These schools are thought to be the best of the best, and they have kept their pride and tradition of excellence of almost a century now.

Some schools are thought to be part of the Ivies, like Stanford University, but unfortunately the list of Ivy League schools is limited to only these eight members. As you can imagine, the way to enter these institutions must really be hard.

It is! Applying in these schools requires a lot of tests, and your aptitude must match the course you are planning to take eventually.

Of the thousands upon thousands who enter these prestigious schools, only a few will reach the top eventually, but the others are still excellent in their chosen fields.

Due to the reputation that an Ivy League school member has, it is not difficult to find grants for them, and usually they have a lot of scholars whom they fund too because they know that investing in students is a good one.

The returns are really great in the future.

Billions of dollars pass through these schools each year, no wonder there is an elite feeling when you are able to enter in one of these Ivy League Schools.

Choosing any of these schools is certainly a first step to a good career. It is hard to get in, but not impossible.

But more than this, you should always try your best because only the best and the fittest survive in these schools once they get in.

But if you think about it, the rewards are also great. It is not only the prestige of the school you carry, but the excellence that is guaranteed with each student that graduates with any of these Colleges of Universities included in the Ivy League.

A bright future is certain if you are able to get into these Ivies, and this fact happens to have been proven time and time again, as you can check out the alumni of these great schools in the annals of the US History.

List of Ivy League Schools

For any High School student who wants to be able to get into a good College, certainly one of the first schools they would have to be thinking about are from the Ivy League Schools.

This is a well-known fact, and these students are aiming for these schools not only for academic follow through, but there is a prestige that is brought about if you happen to be a student from an Ivy League School.

So in the first place, which schools are in the List of Ivy League Schools and how did it get the name in the first place?

Well to give you a short cut, these schools are: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

They are but only eight schools, but these US Ivy League Schools happen to represent the top of the Educational institution in the US from the time they started.

These schools represent excellence and traditions. To be a student in one of these schools is to have some sort of elite status, that once you graduate from them, you are sure to have an amount of success waiting for you.

So how did the Ivies, a shortcut for these 8 schools, get their name and their image? The tradition of planting ivies in the walls of the older institutions was how the ivies started out.

But throughout the years, these schools started to represent elite status, and then eventually, when sporting events became popular and these schools also started to dominate them, the Ivy League was connotated.

This proved not only academic excellence, but even in sports and athletics. So this is what really brought together these 8 schools together, since their competitions and rivalry paved the way for them to get better and better over the years and decades to come.

The List of Ivy League Schools thought to add some more members over the years, but they gave up on the idea eventually as the traditions certainly kept them from adding more members. But the exemptions they made helped put into stone their statuses as the top colleges of America.

There are some schools though that are not members of this League, but has the same elite status as these Ivies, like the famous Stanford University. But still, the name Ivy League evokes a sense of pride from any student who goes into these schools.

The admission to these schools though is also as hard as it sounds. Though they admit tens of thousands of students each year into their halls, the stringent measure they take into admissions also help ensure that the academic excellence is maintained.

Grants are overflowing from these institutions because the government and private corporations all recognize their capabilities of producing top people in fields.

So even if a student has financial problems, as long as he or she has the aptitude to be a part of the Ivy League schools, then the schools will find a way to help you out. Certainly this is something that every High school student should consider for their College Degrees.

Benefits Of A Distance Learning Degree

Getting a college degree can be one of the single most important things a person can do to help ensure a higher income and opened doors down the road.

While it isn’t a guarantee for success, it is a key factor in it for many. With this in mind, more and more, people are turning to distance learning degree programs to help them achieve this vital goal.

A distance learning degree program is nothing more than a regular college-level program, but without all the driving and sitting in class time.

Instead, these programs operate using the Internet as their classrooms, giving students the freedom to work on their own schedules. This can present a fantastic opportunity for those who must work while they learn.

Distance learning degree programs tend to vary a bit from institution to institution. Some classes, too, can deliver very different requirements.

In some online courses, for example, students will be expected to show up in “class,” an online chat room at set times on set days. In other cases, all correspondence with the professor is handled via e-mail, chat and telephone on a less stringent schedule.

Either way, these classes and programs all add up to a degree at the end of the road.

The benefits of distance learning degree programs are many. They include such things as:

* Less formal setting. Since the setting is the Internet, it means students can live and learn as they go. Whether they roll out of bed and get online or they do their course work in the middle of the night, the reality is the less formal, more intimate setting helps those with a fear factor toward large, lecture courses thrive.

* Individualized attention. Many of these programs actually make it easier – not harder – for students to interact with professors.

The time lost driving and organizing a class can be regained online quickly and easily.

* Lower fees. This is not the case with all distance learning degree programs, but many offer slightly lower fees that physical classes do.

Plus, activities fees often charged annually on college campuses tend not to apply to these cases. This cost savings with some distance learning degree programs can open doors for those who cannot afford regular tuition requirements.

* Recognized degree programs. Whereas distance learning degree programs used to be restricted to a few set areas, this isn’t the case anymore.

Accredited colleges and universities are learning to tap into this opportunity to draw more students. To do so, they’re tailoring more programs for online learning.

* End result. The end result of a distance learning program remains the all important degree. As long as the institution involved is accredited and the program is, too, the degree is just as viable as one earned by spending years sitting in a class.

A distance learning degree program can be ideal for anyone who doesn’t think they have to time to achieve. The reality is these programs are available around the clock, removing one of the biggest roadblocks for many.

An idea on the Ivies

For any student considering getting a college education, it is not impossible that they have looked at Ivy league schools at one time or another and maybe even hoped to get into one.

I mean who would not? Ivy League schools are the best there is out there in terms of academic excellence.

These schools have proven over a long period of time that the level of education in their system outranks all other colleges and universities all over the US, and to get into these schools is already like a status symbol in itself.

But of course, therein lies the problem, getting into the Ivy league schools themselves.

The screening process is tedious and really very hard, but that does not stop these students from aiming to be a part of the Ivies, a term used collectively for these 8 schools that have become a part of American culture itself.

But what are the Ivy league schools? There are 8 of them, and they are, in any order, the following: Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College.

These universities and colleges have represented the prestige and the excellence in academics, and even social elitism, as we might have seen in Hollywood movies about college life wherein the students from these prestigious Schools have some sort of elite air around them.

The Ivy league school list is available to be seen by any high school student who is aiming to go to college, and testing is quite a bit hard. You need to aim for top SAT scores to be able to get a good position to apply, and then there are still interviews and personal tests before you can even get admitted into one.

But for all the hard work you might be putting to getting into them will all be rewarded the minute you get in, or you pass them for short.

And remember, these institutions have millions of dollars in educations grants each year, and you can easily be a part of them if you do the right things and maintain certain grade levels.

For all the prestige the Ivy League schools gather, they are still educational institutions, and the best ones at it, so it certainly is worth the try get into them.

Notable graduates of these universities have reached far into society, and a quick research on the internet will pull up a list of known people from each university if you want to see it. The good thing is that the levels of education in these schools never wane down as they really try hard to protect this status in society.

If in any case you are up for it, I suggest you go for it. You never know, you might be the next President, or in any case, the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Remember they were students too, and it is these Ivy league schools that just might get you that jump-start to an amazing career.

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